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Tourist buses at Eli Creek.

The number of Tourists ,including Backpackers, going to Fraser Island would be the greatest problem facing the Island at the moment.
People have traveled to Fraser Island as tourists for over 100 years.
From the earliest days it was seen to be a place of extreme beauty, and of course, great fishing. The people of the surrounding area came to treat the island as their own private holiday destination.Even up till the 1960's the sighting of vehicles on the eastern beach was rare. Maybe the occasional push bike track in the sand.
Those pioneering tourists were split into 2 groups, with quite a few variations in between. Those who saw Fraser Island purely as a recreation resource would load up the trusty Landrover with cartons of beer, fishing gear, camping accouterments, wife and kids and head to the island for some serious holidaying. This has spawned a generation of hard drinking , hard fishing tourists.
The other extreme were the conservationists, although not yet known as such and certainly not in any great numbers. These were the predecessor of the Eco tourist of today.
We now have a third phenomenon called Backpackers. This is a group of tourists that started to visit the Island in the 1980's and have now reached plague proportions. One thing must be realized though is that it is not the fault of the backpackers that they are a problem. It is bad management.